The Mikvah Project Book Is No Longer Available All thirty-nine exhibition photographs are exquisitely reproduced in rich duotone and quadtone.

Ethereal underwater images capture the sensual, enigmatic nature of this now-modern rite. Essays discuss the historical significance and current resurgence of interest in the mikvah ritual. Personal stories are paired with emotionally-charged portraits that resonate with the intimate words of women from across America.

$24.99 –

100 pages - 39 photographs THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

The Mikvah Project book makes a great addition to your library as well as a meaningful gift.

"Going against art-historical tradition, Rubin has sought to show naked women in a way that blocks voyeurism and inspires respect. It is risky but commendable to tackle deep issues about religious heritage, sexuality, and spiritual commitment in the serious way that Leah Lax and Janice Rubin have done in this work."

-Cynthia Freeland, Fluid Legacies, Spot Magazine Winter/Spring 2003